Camping Policy


Camp sites are available on first come first serve basis.
Camping fees for participants at club (CMRC) events are a “good will” offering payable to any event committee member. Non-club members are welcome.
Camping for training or in between events is open to club members and is $10 per day with a maximum of 30 days per calendar year (excludes licensed events). Payable to any Board of Director member.
NOTE: Campsites are primitive providing electric only. Electric service does not have the capacity of supporting multiple AC units.

Annual Camping
Annual camping passes are no longer available, however, the five (5) existing campers on club grounds will be grandfathered if the owner remains a member in good standing.
All annual campers must abide by the “General Camping Policy” (excluding $10 daily fee) and are expected to maintain the exterior of camper, and the ground they occupy (clean up trash, weed whip, so as not to become an eyesore).
Annual campers are expected to be parked in an orderly fashion in designated spaces and have current tabs (state required).
Annual Camping Pass $300. Camping fee is due by February 1.