Training Rules


Join today as a member to train on CMRC property

All individuals and dogs train & compete at their own risk.

  • Pick up your trash and training equipment. You may be liable for equipment damaged by gear left in the fields. Please respect the grounds.
  • Do not leave ruts in the soft ground – fill your ruts before you leave!
  • Do not run your dog and leave your training group before taking your turn in the field. Be courteous and respectful of your fellow trainers & throwers.
  • Requesting to join a training group is encouraged and an accepted practice.
  • A general rule is to run only 2 dogs in each set-up unless the group is agreeable to allowing handlers to run more.
  • Registered Pros may train on the property on their scheduled day(s). After 5:00 P.M. amateurs have preference for set-up locations.
  • If you need help setting up training groups or have questions with specific training challenges; see the Pro Days page or email Info at
  • An easy way to increase your dog knowledge and skills is to volunteer to help with club activities and events, AKC Licensed Events, Club Informal Trials, and attend Pro Days
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior is not tolerated on CMRC property.
  • Unnecessary force, of any manner, is not tolerated on CMRC property.
  • Do NOT throw birds in dumpster! (Please …)
  • Dispose of your birds respectfully – off site.


Pro Training Program for CMRC

CMRC Professional Trainer Grounds Use Policy

Days (M-F) & Fields (West and East sides)

  • Only Member Pro’s with confirmed reservations may train on grounds
  • Amateurs may request to join Pro set-ups at any time
  • Amateurs have grounds preference after 5 P.M.

Monday: Two sides for Pro’s (West side and East side)

Tuesday: One side for Pro’s, One Side for Amateur Group (Am Group has preference)

Wednesday: Two sides for Pro’s (West side and East side)

Thursday: Two sides for Pro’s (West side and East side)

Friday: One side for Pro’s, One side for Amateur Group (Am Group has preference)

Pro Schedule managed by Rick Stawski: 320-267-3263

  • The Clubhouse is available for use on training days.
  • Please help keep grounds and club house clean.